Our earliest record is that of James Mackie who married Hannah Stevenson, both of the Parish of Abercorn in the County of Linlithgow (West Lothian), Scotland, in November 1808. The number of their progeny is not known, but their third child was a boy whom they named Philip.

Philip Mackie was born in Abercorn, Scotland, on 27th June 1813. At the age of 26 years he married Jane Hume (b.1824 d.1909) on 8th May 1840 in Dalkeith, Scotland. Philip worked as Head Forester on the estate of the Duke of Perth, but was forced from his home in the Highland Land Clearance. With the assistance of the Duke of Perth he obtained a position as Forester on the estate of Lord Tredegar in South Wales. Philip Mackie lived with his wife Jane at Minorca, Llanvedw, Newport, S.Wales (the local church and churchyard being St. Michaels Church at Michaelstone-Y-Vedw). He died in 1890.

He raised a family of 7 sons and 4 daughters.

His son Philip Mackie was in the Royal Navy and served as Captain on the PRINCE OF WALES in the First World War. He retired to Ayr in Scotland and was owner of the largest Hotel there.

Edward Mackie (Ted) (b.1864 d.1945) lived in Rodgerstone, S.Wales, he married three times but had no children.

George Mackie lived most of his life in Birmingham and was founder of the BIRMINGHAM MUTUAL FRIENDLY SOCIETY. He then went to live in Berkeswell, London and became Director of the EXCELSIOR ASSURANCE SOCIETY. He committed suicide by shooting himself.

Alexander Mackie (b.1859 d.1863)

Andrew Mackie (b.1861 d.1880) was killed fighting in the Boar War.

James Mackie was a Missionary and went to India and then onto Australia where he was killed at the age of 31.

Kitty and Jane Mackie lived with their brother Ted. Annie Mackie kept a Bakers and Confectioner shop in London. All three sisters were spinsters.

Elizabeth Mackie was governess in the household of the BISHOP OF GLOUCESTER. In 1890 she met a Carl Hess who was a Steward in the Bishop's Palace. They married and went to live in Exmouth, but she died from pneumonia 12 months after her marriage. There were no children. Carl Hess returned to Hamburg, Germany, and some time later he re-married and they had a son whose name was Rudolph Hess, who made history during World War II (CLICK HERE for news article).

William Wallace Mackie (b.1866 d.1946) returned to Scotland for a while. First he worked and lived in Arbroath and then wet to live in Glasgow and worked in the shipyards on the Clyde. Later he went to Birmingham, England, met and married Harriet Smith (b.1867 d.1937) and worked for the ROVER CAR COMPANY.

They had 5 sons and 2 daughters.

Arthur, William, Philip, Harold (b.1897 d.1972), Florence, Hilda and Robert (b.1910 d.1911).

Edward Harold Mackie (b.1897 d.1972) married Elsie Greves (b.1897 d.1982) in 1922.

They had one son Kenneth Edward Mackie (b.1926 d.2010) who married Doris Postin in 1947. (Picture)

They in turn had three children.

Margaret Elsie Mackie (b.1948 d.1951)

John Mackie who married Priscilla Smith and have a daughter called Helen.

Valerie Ann Mackie who married Alexander and have three children James, Emily and Fiona.

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